Monday, July 09, 2012

Menumpang kasih

"Nor, jom gi park now!" Abelan telefon, dan terdengar di background suara Kak Ija "Jomlah jomlah!". It was a sunny Saturday, I was lazying on my bed reading a book, haven't even eat a thing! Teruk kannnn. and sadly, I still use this lame excuse, "Takpe, hidup bujang..". BUJANG LA SANGAT!

They picked me up half an hour later and we went to Draeger park. 

Digging in tanpa segan silu cuk3

Bersama si pipi roboh 

I see bling bling and I drooled! Haha cuteness

Mummy Aqidd senyum..
Dan Aqidd pon tiru the exact kind of smile! Hahaha

Actually, this whole random picnic thing made me miss my other half. so. bad. and Ramadhan is approaching.. sape nak jadi imam terawih? Sobs..

Note to self: Having people around really help. You cant survive with books and bed, Naziha! :P



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