Sunday, February 27, 2011

testing greader power ke tak

Okay post ni sebenarnya nak test google reader power ke tak. We have been talking about how creepy it could be. Dulu tak guna pon google reader ni, tapi I have a friend, whenever I post something, the next second s/he will buzz me and i was like hoi cepatnya kau? hahaha pastu de ckp thanks to google reader. Since then I started to use it and yeah it is fun as a reader, but not as a writer. nama pon google reader kot?

Sebabnya, andaikata saya tulis satu post emo pastu sehari lepas tu rasa post tu tak relevant anymore then I deleted it. To those yang subscribe me on google reader, the emo post will stay. I dont want that, obviously.

Lepas tu, kalau saya rasa tiba tiba nak privatekan blog lah and pencen la kononnya tulis blog dah. or maybe I suddenly feel uncomfortable having people reading what I wrote macam rasa cikgu bahasa melayu penulisan check karangan kan, so then saya pon privatekan blog perasan kononnya yes! dah tade orang baca. No baby no, it will stay in google reader.

So lesson learnt is once something is out, it will stay there forever. Jadi fikir sepuluh kali bila nak ckp/post something

and semalam test la, kalau saya privatekan blog and then post something. Keluar ke tak dekat google reader post yang saya tulis tu, sedangkan blog saya private. Haaaaaaaa keluar ke tak?

Jom Solat with Afiq and Ariff

To be a good parent/sister/teacher, you need to know what your kids/brother/students will say far ahead so that they will listen to you. This video is an example when the kids win. and you fail!

After 2nd rakaah, afiq started to get bored and..

Me: Eh mana.. cepat Afiq smayang nanti Tuhan marah..
Him: Afiq semayang sikit..
Me:  Mana boleh semayang sikit, kena semayang sampai habes
Him: Adik adik adik.. (sempat lagi tu suruh org lain cuk3)
Me: Cepat ikut adik, sape bagus sekarang? Adik ke abang?(dgn niat nak pancing suh berebut jadi bagus la..)
Him: Adik (HAHAHA ada afiq kesah sape baguss?? boo Che Nor!! )
Him: Haa kita tgk gambar berdua dengan adik ..... (Okay by now I know memang takkan berjaya hahaha layan je laaa)

and perasan tak ariff tak faham konsep qiblat lagi sebab dia kena ikut arah sejadah. kekeke lawak.

Okay guys, go back and practice!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pray for #Libya

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun stuff !

Kawan kawan,
Tau tak Computed Tomography tu apa?

Gambar random

Only nerds read about this thing. I am one of them, sadly. :(


of bad dreams.

When we heard that something bad hitting others, the feeling is kinda you know, “kesiannyaaaa”. but what make us different that we might not get the same thing?

I have a lecturer back in Nashville, she’s young and gorgeous fyi, and she lost her husband and her kid in a car accident (she was the one who survived in that accident). It took her a year to get back kicking.

So what make us any different?

The thing is, ujian besar untuk orang yang besar hebat. Orang orang alim zaman zaman dulu dan mungkin sekarang, malam2 dia doa cakap thanks to Allah sbb bagi ujian ujian besar. Diorang recognize, only the best people will get tear jerker punya ujian.

We might lost our loved ones when we least expected it, we might get rejected, we might get fatal diseases,  tapi ingat Allah hanya bagi semua tu untuk orang orang yang disayangi. Dia sayangi.

Rasulullah saw pon tak pernah pon duduk dalam aircond tidur tilam 7 lapis naik Bugatti (aww Bugatti remind me of Shaykh Shpendim). We know that Rasulullah pernah kena baling smpai berdarah2, ikat perut, yatim piatu, and segala bnda yang kita semua tak pernah rasa. Kekasih Allah tu kawan kawan!

Ujian hebat untuk orang hebat. (reconcile bad dreams la kononnya hehe)

Dok gitu?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

wau putus tali

Orang hidup tanpa agama ni umpama wau putus tali la.
"Galok" tapi last2 atas perdu buluh jugok.

Friday, February 18, 2011

of hope and prayer

I'm secretly hoping for something (might not be a secret anymore for some people haha). It is 70-30 I would say even though the percent thing keep on changing based on my mood haha. Everyone who knows this semua positive but I'm afraid of being positive. My brains translate it as hope and hope sets up for resentment. 

but subhanAllah, Quran always has the answer.

In Surah Ghafir, verse number 60, Allah swt clearly stated that 

And your Lord says: "Call on Me; I will answer your (Prayer) .. 

and later in verse 68, 

It is He Who gives Life and Death; 
and when He decides upon an affair, He says to it, "Be", and it is

Note for self is, mintak la gajah atau harimau mahupun kuda belang! He will listen and He will answer. Gajah, harimau mahupun kuda belang seems impossible for us, but Allah can do anything, twist everything and even the impossible one. Selautan hope, bersama segunung yakin with Allah - tu attitude that we need to have when asking for that gajah harimau dan kuda belang in our prayer.

and yang penting He knows whats the best. seperti yang selalu didengar hehe, we always ask what we want, but He will give what we need. So alhamdulillah if we get it, and also alhamdulillah if we dont. Kecewa?  Em do we know any better than Allah? 

Complicated stuff tho. Kena la mintak wisely, sebab igt tak hadis yang femes tu, Rasulullah said,

"Actions are only by intentions, and every man has only that which he intended. Whoever's emigration is for Allah and His Messenger then his emigration is for Allah and His Messenger. Whoever's emigration is for some worldly gain which he can acquire or a woman he will marry then his emigration is for that for which he emigrated"

Maksudnya, kalau mintak "ya Allah please give me this gajah so lepas ni boleh naik gajah pegi uni wah best! and that harimau so macam bergaya je ada harimau as a pet". He might give us those unnecessary things in which we will not benefit from for the next life. Dah rugi satu answered prayer di situ haa. Remember, we will insyaAllah get what we want or ask for, so kenalah rajin review matlamat hidup. What we are doing right now, is it contributing something kpd encik matlamat hidup? Acehh.. Saya guna perkataan matlamat hidup! *bangga*

and also make a habit of adding "if that's the best for me" di dalam permintaan gajah dan harimau kita. :)

The thing is, life ni ada banyak perspective, ability to choose the right one in the right condition will make you a better person. Hohhh tu ke kesimpulan?

ps: Okay memang berterabur lompat sana sini, life bergerak 191km/hr, met few ppl that make me observe and reflect, read benda benda unthinkable, and obviously otak tak sempat susun!

psps: desperately need to learn Arabic. Baca macam tahu maksud sepatah, pastu tak tahu dua puluh patah. Frustrating! and feel baca translation be it in English or Malay, is not the same as you directly understand the meaning in Arabic. Jannah lain feelnya dgn syurga. if you know what i mean. 

pspsps: HI FADHE!!!! haha awk ada dlm draft. camnee?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

how geniuses work

Lame #1

Lame #2

Lame #3

Thats basically sum up my day. and I miss my friends.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mubarak everyone!

The next phase has just begun. 
Allah yusahhil!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Milka is the enjoyment of worldly life

Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire - of women and sons, heaped-up sums of gold and silver, fine branded horses, and cattle and tilled land. That is the enjoyment of worldly life, but Allah has with Him the best return.
Say, "Shall I inform you of [something] better than that? For those who fear Allah will be gardens in the presence of their Lord beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally, and purified spouses and approval from Allah . And Allah is Seeing of [His] servants 
[Al Imran:14-15]

So remember how happy we were when we get something yang kita dream of? 

Seperti kerja yang bagus, a handsome rich spouse TETT, markah yang agak bagus walaupun rasa macam dah fail, hot shower in winter, dapat anak/anak sedara comel tahap dewa, meeting friends and family after so long, delicious food when the stomach is empty, kereta idaman dibayar cash haha or even as simple as membeli Milka yang super duper murah?

Itu perasaan happy yang sementara. Tak setuju? Sape still rasa happy sekarang sebab dia dapat makan nasik lemak sedap gila 2 tahun sebelum tu sila angkat tangan? 

Knowing that, mari kita bersama sama berusaha untuk mendapat happy yang selamanya acewahhh. 
and who fulfills his promise better than Allah?
For those who fear Allah will be gardens in the presence of their Lord beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally, and purified spouses and approval from Allah

Start with simple things seperti kalau sebelum ni suka pakai baju short sleeve marilah memakai baju long sleeve (ni pompuan la kalau laki nak join pon boleh haha), kalau sebelum ni suka berprasangka buruk marilah beristighfar bila fikiran buruk terlintas, kalau sebelum ini suka menjawab kata kata ibu bapa marilah kita senyum dan senyap, kalau sebelum ni sedekah 55 sen setahun marilah kita jadikan 55 ringgit pulak tahun ni, kalau sebelum ini laju seperti air keluar perkataan perkataan power dari mulut marilah kita slowkan, kalau sebelum ni tak semayang sunat before after solat wajib mohle kita, kalau sebelum ni dua tahun sekali tahajud mari kita buat jadi setahun sekali and yeah do remember that everyone of us has his or her own struggle!

So HOI jangan tidur banyak sangat!
Sengguk je tak tido pong mwahaha.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dream big!

Abe Lan just make me think about something awesome
but lets finish this master thingy off first huarghh

and sementara di sini, mari melihat kiri kanan especially ENCIK SPAIN!

Monday, February 07, 2011


Ya Allah hidup lagi ke ni? 
Bebel Abeje sambil check si penidur masih bernafas atau tidak.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

i wanna tamakly have it all

  • intelligent confirm confirm tak since i've been struggling over easy electronics stuff, failed buat phase diagram
  • emotionally stable hm maybe not since lately i've been overly happy with good news from family and close friends :D
  • good looking. hm tak patut masuk list ni since ah you cant really change that right!! 

Someone that has them all just crossed my mind heh.
How bout you? 

Pray for #Egypt

I dont believe my own eyes anymore

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Karlsruhe, February 2nd

So here is the map. 

I got lotsa questions from people in Karlsruhe like, "Luebeck tu atas Bremen eh?", "Apa bndar2 besar nearby Luebeck?" and semua questions saya start dgn jawapan like, "Aku rasa.. " Hahaha mana lah ingat semua tempat tuuu. Okay Luebeck atas Bremen, atas Hannover, sejam from Hamburg! My geografi is getting better, jom amek PMR sekali lagi! hahaha

Anyway, it's not actually the route of my journey. I remember that I went through Dusseldorf that make me checked the train number again and again as it was a little bit off. 

dalaman ICE yang bergaya
First time naik ICE juga. Last year, I just took picture with the ICE train as the background and never really expected to be on board. Abeje time tu gebang like this is high speed train lepas tu gerabak boleh pecah pecah segala cam seolah olah power tahap dewa la. HAHA. You never know what you will get in life kan. Anyway, what interest me was somehow encik encik kakak kakak yang naik ICE nampak kaya berkot bergaya membawa leather suitcase segala. Interior design train pon power. Haha kantoi observations tak ilmiah langsung. Lepas tu cam nak test la laju ke tak kan, tapi camne nak tau. tiba tiba rail train ni lalu tepi highway and I observed train ni lagi laju dari kereta yang tengah potong kereta kereta dekat highway tu. Dah la Germany tade speed limit so that car must be super laju. tapi train ni lagi laju. Hoh bijok giloss padahal logic ah train lagi laju. Anyway I asked Google just now and he said it can reach 320km/hr depending on the rail. 

Yeah final train station di Frankfurt before reaching Karlsruhe. Kalat sungguh mencari terminal sambil usha usha kiri kanan seperti pelancong haha.

Frankfurt Hbf
Yay sampai alhamdulillah! Nasib baik kawan saya dah tercegat dekat station walaupun saya cepat 7 minit kot. Thanks kawan, ala baru dua kali kot aku menyusahkan kau haha

Karlsruhe Hbf

The next day, interview mission. It was pretty much okay, and I really feel that engineering is man dominated field. Haha tiba tiba padahal memang dah tau. Tak sampai sepuluh minit pon interview, isk, the journey was about 16 hours pergi balik yo! Tak ke menanges tu dah la minggu exam. Nasib baik org urus interview called pagi pagi from Malaysia tanya dah sampai ke, update semua benda. Terubat pemikiran kecewa perjalanan jauh haha. and on top of everything, it was fun walaupun diperli hebat dan ditembak soalan kenapa datang Germany? Susah nak jawab cause I just did what I want to do. Haha yeah right.

Karlsruhe is a big city ada tram segala. The guys brought me around, masuk media mart (tengok tv besar besar and berangan), Zara of course with HUGE SALE, some random stores, and yes being a good girl I didn't buy anything, *bangga di situ*

and no pictures sbb malas. 

Apa yang takde dekat Luebeck tapi ada dekat Karlsruhe? Haaa Karlsruhe ada pyramid. selain dari Egypt dan juga Sunway Pyramid, of course haha.

then we went to Starbucks, borak borak and I have a feeling that they have a better survival skills as I said before. Macam, "kau campak lah mana mana aku boleh hidup." Well, they have those things that you can only learn by experience, those things that make you wise. Respect earned di situ. 

McCafe reminds me of them. you know who you are acewahh  
After Maghrib, I went back to the train station, lepak dekat McD sambil study. Eh sambil buat activity "people watching" kot sebenarnya. Macam macam orang wujud dalam dunia ni hoh.

Pukul sepuluh, naik train ke Frankfurt heading to Luebeck. Dekat Frankfurt, tengah kalat turun train cari tiket tiba tiba ada encik polis tegur. Dah lah ada few minutes gap je sempat lagi dia nak berkenalan cis. 

Encik Po: (speaking something in Deutsch)

Me: Sorry?

Encik Po: Oh, where are you from?

Me: Err what do you actually mean? Well I'm from Malaysia but now I'm going back to Luebeck from Karlsruhe. (This question of where are you from will always make me puzzle for a second)

Encik Po: Oh i see. What's your name?

Me: I'm Naziha Lazim. (Huargh apa kaitannya dengan nama pulak encik? di dalam hati walaupun tersenyum luarannya haha)

Then he was like froze for a second and I'm being kalat thinking of the train said, "All is good, sir?" and bid goodbye to that Mr. Policeman. Hadoi kalat kalat padahal ramai je orang pakai tudung. Ke muka ni cam setonyeh sangat kalat? Heh malam kot and I'm exhausted. 

After about 9 hours of journey, yay sampai Hamburg and gumbira sekali melihat signboard Luebeck in Kasse 7b. Smells like home already haha. 

Hamburg Hbf

I arrived home about 8 in the morning. 

and now I partially blame the trip, sebab dah kantoi Medical Electronics. 
Hahaha salahkan diri sendiri la oi!

My first trip alone in Deutschland was fun. Short and sweet I would say and I'm looking forward for many more to come. Alamak! mood bejalan dia da datang balik!

Al Maghrib is here, in Malaysia!

Al Maghrib is just phenomenal. I mean, when I was in US, I just couldn't get enough of Al Maghrib. Everytime pergi, balik akan rasa awesome. Macam "hoh awesomenya Al-Maghrib kali ni!" Lepas tu, pergi next, eh yang ni pon awesome jugak! 

Kawan kawan di Malaysia, please make time for the event. Bawak kaum kerabat sanak sauudara adik beradik rakan taulan jiran tetangga segala. Kalau tak boleh pergi both weekends, go for just one but I guarantee that you sooo gonna come back for the next one.

because we did come back again and again back then. 

Touched by an Angel - Shaykh Shpendem Nadzaku
Echoes of a Cave - Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya
We drove hundreds miles over the weekends, we worked extra hours to have enough money for the trip, we studied in between the lunch break for the exams/homeworks/projects, we basically did everything we could not to miss the class. because we just love al-maghrib.

Gazillion thanks to Qabeelat Ihsaan, for their tremendous effort bringing Al-Maghrib to Malaysia. 
You guys rock!! 

More info herehere and here.

eh oi, al maghrib bukan waktu semayang, ni nama organisation tau! Aaaahh I wanna go! Lets bring al maghrib to Germany maybe? Hahaha

Thursday, February 03, 2011

I lied

So i lied. I didn't wear blue. no hint of blue at all.

and the trip was amazing. i mean i didn't really know where i am. i didn't understand any of the announcements. and along the trip i keep looking at my watch. and ipod. and also handset. just in case one of them giving me the wrong time and i might missed the train if that ever happened. haha super berhati hati. because the only thing that i knew was I'm from Luebeck and I wanted to go to Karlsruhe. Nway all is good alhamdulillah now I'm back in my tiny little room. (I'll write more after finals haha maybe)

I met a new crowd that I supposed has a better survival skills. It was fun. Really.

Now gotta sink my brain into electronics huarghh

Pray for #Egypt

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Leaving for Karlsruhe

This time around, im not sure if thats what I want.

and what I really care about right now is argh exam friday ni weh! and everyone is home (except for me obviously). when i say everyone, i mean every single soul yang berbinkan Mohd Lazim! Including Abeje that hasnt been home since about five years. Loser who? loser me. Loser who? LOSER ME!


Okay I think a plain long white shirt with blue pashmina will make me full of confidence or at least look like one, and I wont forget that yes-i-want-it-all-interview-attitude, of course.

and oh new boots! First time tgk, the price was 40€, then second time it went down to about 30€. Argh memang perempuan sejati tak berbelah bagi. Then I went there again, IT WAS 9.95€! Jaw dropped. Nafsu yang ditahan tidak mampu lagi bertahan tambah tambah when my size is among the few left. Haha okay I will stop being that perempuan yang annoying bercakap tentang kasut dan baju soon hahaha. and oh che su, tudung cantik lagi penting dari handbag dan kasut hahaha.

Pray for #Egypt 


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