Thursday, February 03, 2011

I lied

So i lied. I didn't wear blue. no hint of blue at all.

and the trip was amazing. i mean i didn't really know where i am. i didn't understand any of the announcements. and along the trip i keep looking at my watch. and ipod. and also handset. just in case one of them giving me the wrong time and i might missed the train if that ever happened. haha super berhati hati. because the only thing that i knew was I'm from Luebeck and I wanted to go to Karlsruhe. Nway all is good alhamdulillah now I'm back in my tiny little room. (I'll write more after finals haha maybe)

I met a new crowd that I supposed has a better survival skills. It was fun. Really.

Now gotta sink my brain into electronics huarghh

Pray for #Egypt



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