Thursday, October 27, 2011

All time favorite #3

My Hero My Boss

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm confused.

I was walking to the prayer room in confusions. I mean, we(Power Rangers and I) shared a lot already. It has been a week, with each and everyday filled with a meaningful conversations. I realized I'm not so young anymore(even my mind forced me to believe so haha). She asked me about having kids, and that was a hell of honest question. Me? A mom? Haha believe me guys, I'm still adjusting myself about being a wife. The transition is kinda fast. It was fast. Yesterday I was a normal average girl having no major obligations and today I have a husband. A HUSBAND! Tak tau la bila nak habis our conversations pasal "Oh mannn I still cant believe it!" ni.  (Kah3 he must be laughing reading this)

and few days ago, masa salam-salam nak balik, I kissed her hands and the Power Rangers told me, "You remind me a lot of my daughter". Deep down, I know that I'm gonna gain a lot from her. Saya akan jadi power rangers jugak, insyaAllah. HAHAHA :P

but hey, for the record, I still have small talk with my 13 years old in law about cute boys, woops, I mean, artis artis Korea tu.. Haha

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Power rangers

Akak: Berapa eh umur Naziha?
Naziha: 22 tahun. eh, ke 23? eh betol betol  22 tahun.. (sempat lagi confuse cuk3)
Akak: Wow, you're very young!
Naziha: Haha young la sangat.. Akak?
Akak: Much more older than you're. I have 6 kids and the eldest dah masuk university..

Naziha pon terbeliaklah matanya. You have 6 kids and boleh dengan selambernya buat phd sambil2? Me is having no kid pon rasa cam tak cukup masa nak berfoya foya haha okay mulalah merepek. Maka bermulalah episod Naziha berkenalan dengan akak yang dirasakan seperti boleh menjadi Power Rangers. and dia kahwin umur 23 tahun without knowing who the husband is. Power takkkk

Told ya.. this gonna be fun :P (Fun not because of studies, but because of everything other than that haha)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Superhero Fact #1

Abu Hurairah who memorized and narrated the most hadith only spent less than 3 years with The Massenger of Allah SAW

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fasa demi fasa

We seriously dont want our lives end up to be just like dust, a total waste.

Psst.. fasa saya seems to be a little terbalik. Fasa belajar, berkahwin dan belajar lagi. Bekerja macam lambat lagi je cuk3. Haha whatever, apapun dirimu mas/mbak, jadikan hidup kita bermakna dengan niat untukNya yok! 
Psst.. you might notice a frequent updates these few days. Yes, you're right.. I have something related to studies that need to be done but this blog seems to be my guilty pleasure. Hi Re[View], we gonna be bestfriends for the next three months (or maybe until I find something yang lagi macho dari anda keh3)..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Akhirat Deficit Disorder

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Radiant Aisha

Aisha ialah kayu ukur saya tentang pantasnya masa bergerak.

Ps: Mari menulis menggunakan Bahasa Melayu yang sempurna. Kalau tidak, saya akan terkial kial untuk menulis email mahupun surat rasmi. and oh hi, I am (almost) a "student" in a local university :)  dan oh hi, saya (akan) jadi seorang "pelajar" di universiti tempatan. Mari lihat bagaimana ianya berbeza, should be fun.. :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Values and Stuff

"but actually I was thinking of something even more serious that happens when you spend 20 years focused not on your values but on getting more stuff. What happens is that it leads to a midlife crisis, which generally leads to all sorts of unhappiness, including divorce. The truth is that most midlife crises occur because people get to a certain age with all this stuff they've accumulated and suddenly it hits them that their stuff isn't really making them happy - that this stuff they've spent all this time and effort getting is actually the wrong stuff"
- David Bach, Smart Couples Finish Rich.

and so.. what is it that matters most to you? What is it that you stand for and what is it that you care most deeply about? In other words, what are your values? 


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