Thursday, June 30, 2011

lost of words

Most of the time, I know what is the right thing to say, it is just a matter of verbalizing it or not. tapi kali ni cam terdiam terus.

My junior back in Integrasi tiba tiba bertanya khabar di facebook. She is one of my favorites, sama dorm dalam 2 tahun kot. We lost contact since I left Integrasi, that was the first interaction we have on facebook. but yes, she is dearly to my heart. Tanya tanya kabar, I can sense something is kinda not right tapi ingat mild mild punya not right je.

but then she told me that she has been paralyzed for 8 months. 

"..x sihat sket. skang paralyzed..daa 8 bulan kot xle jln...."

and I was really taken aback :'( :'(

Ps: Kadang kadang saya lupa apa yang saya ada hanya pinjaman. As cliche as it sounds. Seriously.
Pps: Dah janji insyaAllah nak visit Neng. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

All time favorite #2

Came across this picture and sukaaa somehow. the feeling you get when a friend tagged you in a picture, and you know exactly what they were trying to say. our minds got vummiv wireless one lah tihtihtih.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Si kongfius: Eh usaha dulu ke doa dulu?

Si lagi kongfius: Bukan usaha dulu pastu doa dan tawakal ke? Usaha, doa, tawakal camtu..

Si Super Saiya: Makan dulu ke doa dulu? ke doa lepas tu makan lepas tu doa lagi? 


Malam Ahad yang menggelupur

Bila waktu anda paling productive? 

Kalau saya, bila malam menjelma pada hari Ahad. Menggelupur buat kerja sekolah. Cutilah dua hari ataupun seminggu, hari Ahad jugaklah masa saya paling productive. dan juga bila esoknya exam. Mesti kalau baca apa apa malam tu laju je masuk meresap. Kalau baca seminggu sebelum.. em.. pernah ke? haha anywayss.. dats not the point :P

Susahnya nak buat kerja di awal waktu.

Sebab tu ganjaran bagi orang-orang muda yang guna masa muda remaja untuk membuat amal amal segala tu besar. Ni salah satu golongan dari 7 golongan yang Allah janjikan naunganNya di padang Masyar yang tiada naungan lain yang wujud. Sebab susahhhh sangat nak focus and masa muda la kita rasa nak buat segala benda yang ada kat dunia ni. We are inclined to believe that we have all the time. kot.


Pointnya, buat kerja malam Ahad tak bagus. Macam beramal bila dah tua tak larat nak jalan, dulu time muda enjoy tak ingat dunia cuk3. Oh so dont worry normal la naluri nak enjoy tuh jika anda rasa anda masih muda haha. yang penting sila jadi power rangers insyaAllah supaya kita boleh focus dan melawan perasaan perasan muda tu haha.

Maher Zain pesan life is shorter than most have thought :)

Arghh esok dah Isnin why so fast? Hahaha

P/s: At times like this, I am more confuse than any of you. Cehh yakinn

Saturday, June 18, 2011

This is too much

I cant handle it anymore :P

Promote promote

Tumblr is a good medium sebab post tak lengthy so orang takde lah sampai tahap malas nak baca. Anywayssss nak promote tumblr Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya sebenarnya. I first met him when I was in my freshman year back in Memphis. Since then, memang look forward for his class, miss tgk Shaykh minum Starbucks sejuk satu, panas satu. Haha. and he was also the instructor for my last Al-Maghrib class in the States. 

Spring 2010
Jarang ada direct communication with the Shaykh, selalunya akan ada admin etc etc. So selamat mengambil benefits from his tumblr. :)

Prep Malam

I'm glad it's weekend already. Stressful week ditambah dengan internet di rumah yang acting up. Makanya, terpaksalah stay back di uni konon-kononnya menyiapkan kerja kerja tertangguh. 

Dah towards the end of June, maknanya dah separuh tahun 2011 habis. Okay I dont really know why I state that but yeahh, dah separuh tahun weeyyy

Few days back, I read a facebook status of a friend. She said something about how clueless she is about the future, how the future is unpredictable, but one thing for sure, Jannah is for those who live in this world as told by The Creator. 

Those words hit me hard. Deep down I realized that I was lacked of faith. Yes I was.

Makanya mari berubah.

Friday, June 17, 2011


I had a long pointless lab today. Biophysics.

so no, I didn't really get neither the Fick's Law nor the Nernst Equation because of the crappy equipments and also like countless source of errors which gave out even more crappy results. HAHA bahagian mengomen hmm laju jee cuk3.

but I do get two things.

"guesstimate" and "retarding friction"

I know the words but I never heard people actually using it. guesstimate. and since when retard and friction go together? I only use the word "retard" for some of my friends lolol.

so now you can yell at me, "WHY YOU NO SPEAK ENGLISH?" 
yeah english saya memang agak low level. sad haha.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

"You are entering the American Sector"

Friday, June 10, 2011

big bang is back!

need to get out of this comfort zone now. lets.

What do you have to offer?

I secretly adore people who use their skills for Islam. 

Bayangkan kalau ada seorang manusia yang termove dengan tgk video ni, pastu pegi kelas almaghrib tu, pastu dalam kelas almaghrib tu de dapat byk2 ilmu and he turns out to be a teacher who teaches ilmu tu kpd ramai orang and who turns out to be blablablabla (sila ulang kisah sama). You see how it propagates? 

and it starts out with a simple act of sharing what you have (time, ideas, skills, etc)

I bleed black and gold. Okay tak abes2 lagi kew?

p/s: kalau pahala camtu, sins pon samalah jugak kan kot?
Hati hati makan hati kawan kawan tih3.


Silence is (most of the time) better. Especially when you feel like killing someone, remember, silence is the cure. 

Thursday, June 09, 2011


"Do you have long hair? I'm just curious"

"The men in Cameroon can have 4 wives?"

"Isn't it hot? I mean like.. you always have long sleeves"

"What is the name of scarf that you're wearing? Is it burqa or niqab?"

and thank God they asked instead of making their own conclusions!
No baby, Im not bald lol

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


It was July last year I believe if not earlier. We were on our way to I dont remember where but the discussion we had is still fresh in my head. Three of us (Kak Atie, Abe Paih and I) dengan rancaknya berborak about what we seek in life, what do we want in the person that we gonna get married to, life lessons, and the list goes on and on. It was a serious discussion.

and then he said, 

"Nanti saya nak gituh la. Senyap senyap jah pastu tup tup kawin. Baru awesome!"

He is indeed the man of his own words. It was a plain wish of him and alhamdulillah it went his way. The process was easy, fast and a kind of my dream marriage. 

Selamat Pengantin Baru to AbePaih and KakAdrina. 
Barakallah :)

Saya crap, pemalas dan

gumuk in every possible way. 

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Friday, June 03, 2011

All time favorite #1

Highland Quad BBQ, 2010

Thursday, June 02, 2011

He's getting married

I have four brothers and I was 17 when my eldest brother got married. Masa tu baru lepas SPM and kebetulan sekolah saya dekat Kuantan and rumah kak atie pon dekat Pahang. So they fetched me from school and terus ke majlis. It wasn't really a big deal for me at that time sebab rasa cam kecik je lagi haha and I wasn't helping at all kunun kunun busy SPM pastu dapat B gak Bio haha tiba2. 

AbeJe and AbeApih

Masa tu, AbeJe was supposedly in Luebeck. He is the closest to AbeApih(the eldest) rasanya. sepatutnya. Diorang beza setahun je pon. and magic kan tiba tiba dia ada dalam gambar kat bawah ni. Dah la pakai jeans and shirt bodo je. Dia somehow appeared dekat pintu rumah Kak Atie masa diorang atas pelamin. and we were so overwhelmed like was it real or what? Ceh dia telah mencuri spotlight pengantin. Anyway, that was the last time we have everyone in a same picture :(

First menantu abah :P

Today my third brother is getting married. and Abeje is now back home. Everyone is home sebenarnya except for me. YES I LIED when I said that Im so gonna close my eyes pretending like Im okay. Im not okay. Ye lah jadi emo sekali dua kala haha.

I cant go home. not just yet. :'(

Okay jangan poyo sangat akad je bukan kenduri pon lagi heshh. My bro(and his future wife) is such a sweetheart because the kenduri is now on Sept and ofkos I can go! Nanti iA semua orang akan ada dalam satu gambar and family Lazim dah bertambah tambah yay

Now nak call rumah ke tak? Tapi mungkin akan sedihhh kalau call? 
Okay call lah sila jadi adik yang baik.


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