Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prep Malam

I'm glad it's weekend already. Stressful week ditambah dengan internet di rumah yang acting up. Makanya, terpaksalah stay back di uni konon-kononnya menyiapkan kerja kerja tertangguh. 

Dah towards the end of June, maknanya dah separuh tahun 2011 habis. Okay I dont really know why I state that but yeahh, dah separuh tahun weeyyy

Few days back, I read a facebook status of a friend. She said something about how clueless she is about the future, how the future is unpredictable, but one thing for sure, Jannah is for those who live in this world as told by The Creator. 

Those words hit me hard. Deep down I realized that I was lacked of faith. Yes I was.

Makanya mari berubah.



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