Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak people!

People watching #2: Mydin

Tempat jual bunga..

The wife: (tengok tengok bunga)
The husband: Hoh bunga2 pulak.. (nada tak puas hati)

Kemudian turun escalator..

The husband: Oloh lap lap dekat baju dah la.. (still nada tak puas hati)
The wife: Okay kalau orang datang esok makan2 cari tissue takde, saya cakap abang suruh lap dekat baju ye. 
The husband: ...

What say you? Definitely not the best scene for malam 1 Syawal wehooo


I get so annoyed when I see people dont treat others kindly. I mean.. I'm not an angle angel but then sometimes some people are just so freaking rude.  The thing is, kita ni ada ibu bapa, adik beradik dan orang orang yang kita sayangi. Just IMAGINE someday di zaman 2020 that strangers treat our parents, adik, abang, kakak, anak-anak with the same rude manner. HAH padan muka!

So be the best kids to our parents because one day, we will understand what that means once we have kids, treat others right as we only want to see adik kesayangan kita be treated justly. If today we have done something bad to someone's son/daughter, just remember what goes around comes around. If not to us, maybe to our loved ones.

Just think twice before doing something that we already know Allah wont approve. 
May Allah give us courage. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First two guests

I am so blessed with awesome friends around. Last weekend two of my Integrasi friends came to visit me at home just because they cant make it to my kenduri after raya nanti. I dont really get it either, like you need to travel the whole night by bus just to come visit. Abby naik bas from Shah Alam and Zue from Terengganu. Hui jauh jauh. and they secretly teach me how to make people feel appreciated and loved. Helo Naziha banyaknya orang buat baik dengan awak ni, bila nak balas haa haaa?

Sepuluh hari lagi je macam? :|

Friday, August 19, 2011


The Prophet of Allah SAW said, “Come near the Mimbar.” And we came near the Mimbar.

When he ascended the first step of the Mimbar, he said, “Aameen”. When he ascended the second step of the Mimbar, he said, “Aameen”. When he ascended the third step, he said, “Aameen”. 

When he descended, we said, “O Apostle of Allah! We have heard from you today something which we never heard before.” 

He said, (When I ascended the first step) Jibrail appeared before me and said, 
“Woe to him who found the blessed month of Ramadan and let it pass by without gaining forgiveness.”

Upon that I said, “Aameen”. 

When I ascended the second step, he said, 
“Woe to him before whom your name is mentioned and then does not read 'selawat' on you.” 

I replied, “Aameen”. 

When I ascended the third step, he said,
“Woe unto the person in whose presence both parents or one of them attain old age, and he failed to serve them, is not allowed to enter Paradise.”

I said, “Aameen”. 

[Hakim, Ibn Hibban, Tabrani, Baihaqi]

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Golden Rule

Treat others as you wish to be treated

Monday, August 08, 2011


1. Kerana nyamuk seekor, rasa nak bakar satu rumah HAHA. Masa first night tidur kat rumah, I wake up in the middle of the night mengamuk sebab dah bungkus satu badan pastu nyamuk dengan selamber gajah pegi gigit muka. Huii panas panas. But that was the first night, lepas tu hehe saya dengan selamber gajah pulak tidur tak sedar. Esoknya ada la bekas surat surat cinta nyamuk. Kena redha je lah kot memang nyamuk kerjanya hisap darah slurppp haih sabor je lah.

2. It was raining when we were about to break the fast today. It feels like that was the perfect time to make dua. Perfect. Sebab lagi 15 minit nak bukak puasa and also the rains. I always imagine that the rain will bring my prayers to God, and He will absolutely grant my wishes. That rains that calm the heat down. Rains that if anyone ever ask me to list down things that I love, it will be among the few. Hmm for obvious reason, I have a lot of things to ask from Him but it was funny how end up repeating the same dua, "Allahumma innaka 'afuwun kareem, tuhibbu 'afwa fa'fuanni". Feeling like the perfect time was so limited and there are no greater things other than forgiveness. Saiko.

3. Oh, buzz title post tu buzz bunyi nyamuk. bukan buzz ym. harap maklum

Saturday, August 06, 2011

feel like huargh-ing


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

of baju kahwin

"Alah maa.. saya nop hok simple2 jah. Buat baju kurung putih biasa tokleh ko?"

"Hm wak gapo nop buat nyo. Baju kurung putih sekolah maahad tu belambak dalam almari."

.... -_-'


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