Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I get so annoyed when I see people dont treat others kindly. I mean.. I'm not an angle angel but then sometimes some people are just so freaking rude.  The thing is, kita ni ada ibu bapa, adik beradik dan orang orang yang kita sayangi. Just IMAGINE someday di zaman 2020 that strangers treat our parents, adik, abang, kakak, anak-anak with the same rude manner. HAH padan muka!

So be the best kids to our parents because one day, we will understand what that means once we have kids, treat others right as we only want to see adik kesayangan kita be treated justly. If today we have done something bad to someone's son/daughter, just remember what goes around comes around. If not to us, maybe to our loved ones.

Just think twice before doing something that we already know Allah wont approve. 
May Allah give us courage. 



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