Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm confused.

I was walking to the prayer room in confusions. I mean, we(Power Rangers and I) shared a lot already. It has been a week, with each and everyday filled with a meaningful conversations. I realized I'm not so young anymore(even my mind forced me to believe so haha). She asked me about having kids, and that was a hell of honest question. Me? A mom? Haha believe me guys, I'm still adjusting myself about being a wife. The transition is kinda fast. It was fast. Yesterday I was a normal average girl having no major obligations and today I have a husband. A HUSBAND! Tak tau la bila nak habis our conversations pasal "Oh mannn I still cant believe it!" ni.  (Kah3 he must be laughing reading this)

and few days ago, masa salam-salam nak balik, I kissed her hands and the Power Rangers told me, "You remind me a lot of my daughter". Deep down, I know that I'm gonna gain a lot from her. Saya akan jadi power rangers jugak, insyaAllah. HAHAHA :P

but hey, for the record, I still have small talk with my 13 years old in law about cute boys, woops, I mean, artis artis Korea tu.. Haha


Rumah Kuning said...

sekelip mata pun boleh berubah, inikan pula..... ejas jgn tak ejas. hehehe

Yellow said...

having a kid? :))

zuluuniformlima said...

Ooo yes.. Ade chance nk jd pak cik nih.. Kui3

Bint Lazim said...

Haha contohh jeeeee :P


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