Saturday, February 05, 2011

Al Maghrib is here, in Malaysia!

Al Maghrib is just phenomenal. I mean, when I was in US, I just couldn't get enough of Al Maghrib. Everytime pergi, balik akan rasa awesome. Macam "hoh awesomenya Al-Maghrib kali ni!" Lepas tu, pergi next, eh yang ni pon awesome jugak! 

Kawan kawan di Malaysia, please make time for the event. Bawak kaum kerabat sanak sauudara adik beradik rakan taulan jiran tetangga segala. Kalau tak boleh pergi both weekends, go for just one but I guarantee that you sooo gonna come back for the next one.

because we did come back again and again back then. 

Touched by an Angel - Shaykh Shpendem Nadzaku
Echoes of a Cave - Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya
We drove hundreds miles over the weekends, we worked extra hours to have enough money for the trip, we studied in between the lunch break for the exams/homeworks/projects, we basically did everything we could not to miss the class. because we just love al-maghrib.

Gazillion thanks to Qabeelat Ihsaan, for their tremendous effort bringing Al-Maghrib to Malaysia. 
You guys rock!! 

More info herehere and here.

eh oi, al maghrib bukan waktu semayang, ni nama organisation tau! Aaaahh I wanna go! Lets bring al maghrib to Germany maybe? Hahaha


Baly said...

oh but you are not in Malaysia btw..too bad

Bint Lazim said...

yeah i know righhtttt. ah kau boleh blah


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