Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Leaving for Karlsruhe

This time around, im not sure if thats what I want.

and what I really care about right now is argh exam friday ni weh! and everyone is home (except for me obviously). when i say everyone, i mean every single soul yang berbinkan Mohd Lazim! Including Abeje that hasnt been home since about five years. Loser who? loser me. Loser who? LOSER ME!


Okay I think a plain long white shirt with blue pashmina will make me full of confidence or at least look like one, and I wont forget that yes-i-want-it-all-interview-attitude, of course.

and oh new boots! First time tgk, the price was 40€, then second time it went down to about 30€. Argh memang perempuan sejati tak berbelah bagi. Then I went there again, IT WAS 9.95€! Jaw dropped. Nafsu yang ditahan tidak mampu lagi bertahan tambah tambah when my size is among the few left. Haha okay I will stop being that perempuan yang annoying bercakap tentang kasut dan baju soon hahaha. and oh che su, tudung cantik lagi penting dari handbag dan kasut hahaha.

Pray for #Egypt 


Anonymous said...

be safe! whatever the result, it is the best that Allah has decided for you.

c su said...

baju cantik lebih ptg dari tudung. hehehe.
di doakan semoga dipermudahkanNya segala jwpan.

taufiq said...

jange meniru saing sebeloh

NurulAsyikinAziz said...

yes tudung more important and make you super confident :D

Good luck jiji

NurulAsyikinAziz said...

one more thing. yes2 I got it, LOSER YOU. hahaha sila kelik kelate :D

Bint Lazim said...

hehe thanks kawan2.

huargh sekeng how i wish to be in klate!


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