Sunday, July 15, 2012

Allah itu adil ;D

Semalam jumpa satu couple ni. Saya tak pernah jumpa a couple yang the husband who like to spend, instead of the wife. Last night was a blast because looking at them.. I was like.. Woaww.. so this is what it is like.. Imagine your husband need to force you to buy something! That's what happen to them lol. Cute gila sbb the husband knows more about brands and prices and sale and outlets goshhh!! 

of cutting board
Husband: Cutting board to cool sbb boleh blablabla, cost about 60 euro.
Wife: What? 60 euro. Surat khabar yang less than 1 euro tu pon boleh serve the same purpose! 

and I was like, akakkkkk why whyyyyy? This so weirddddd hahaha sambil gelak terbahak-bahak hahaha

Allah itu adil. and marriage is all about check and balance ;)

P/s: Kalau saya, if the husband offer to buy me something expensive, mau pengsan saya sbb happy sangat kof3.



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