Thursday, July 19, 2012


Random people asked me to choose a scarf for his sister. So so random.
and I did choose randomly.

We have so much theories that we actually drowning in it.
I should only listen to myself.

No more lowering the guards down.
Learnt my lesson, and it was not that wonderful.

Guilt is there for a reason.

Maa, Abah and Ajik left for Umrah.
Somehow I am so sad. LIKE SO SAD. SAD SAD SAD.


I do speak brand. but not out loud.

RAMADHAN. Excited. but it will be nice and considerate of you if you wont talk to me about being with your family and friends. or about how soothing Quran recitation of so and so during terawih. or even about bazar ramadhan and food. and dont ever ask about mine, like what do I have for breaking fast or did I wake up for sahur. Ah simply just dont talk to me at all. Kahkahkah.



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