Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Genèva, May 2012

So after spending our Sunday morning in Basel, we headed down to Geneva. Good thing about Swiss is that everything is just close by, it's like going to Kelantan from Johor in freaking 3 hours! 

In Basel, people speak Deutsch and in Geneva, just a stone throw away, they speak French. Oh well just like Kelantan and Johor you see lol. 

We checked in the overly priced hotel(mygad!), solat and rest a bit, then head out again for FOOD. It was a cold summer day, jadinya sangat malas nak ambik gambar. We wandered around, kononnya nak cari Jet d'eau ataupon air pancut di Lake Geneva tapinya dah lambat kot sebab dah takde! The lake was so beautiful though, somehow lagi cantik dari Rhine river in Basel. 

Around Lake Geneva
Everything was kinda overpriced in Geneva. Food was like twice the normal price, tapi disebabkan laparrr taram je lahh. (Eh ke taram je lah sbb ada orang lain yang bayor? Kah3). We found the 'halal street' there alhamdulillah, yay for the food, but it was sort of scary because of the location. Dirty and 'adult entertainment' kind of area. The weird thing was that, while we were waiting for food in the restaurant, we heard adhan from afar. Conclusion, there must be a mosque nearby, and lots of Muslim do live there because it's cheap as compare to other areas. But I swear that I hold on tight to The Husband because that place is err.. creepyyy!

The next morning, we wandered around again and found these; Pakcik in jubah in the middle of the city, "All cops are bas**** and extreme backpackers lol. Interesting interesting.. 

and next, jom pergi Luzern!! :)

Le Husband and Le Cute, Awesome, Genius Wife. Lol



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