Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who are the people of taqwa?

A very profound khutba by Brother Nouman Ali Khan. Source here :)
(Dengar laa pls. best tak tipu. janji best. janji.)

Those who spend for the sake of Allah in the time of ease and difficult.
"Oh saya miskin tak de duit nak spend spend." Hihi TETT time out! This is not just money and it is not even mentioned in the ayat. This includes time, knowledge, energy, planning, SLEEP, youth or anything you can think of. We let go something that we dearly love for the sake of Allah. This investment kita tak nampak lagi profit dia but insyaAllah this is Allah's promise. 

Those who swallow their anger.
This is not chewing when people still can see that you actually have food in your mouth. Swallow means you actually make the anger vanished and ppl dont even noticed it. Hebat.

They forgive people out of love. 
Not just plain forgiveness. You never forgive someone because he/she deserves it but you forgive because he/she simply don't deserve it. 

So... who are we?

"Run towards forgiveness from your Lord"



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