Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Reviving the Islamic Spirit 2009

Last year -->  "Canada? Forget it"

This year -->  Jom! Even tak betol2 pegi lagi, I'm exceedingly happy by just planning to go. See? We will never know what awaits us in the future. Last year saya tgk trailer RIS berkali-kali, not even have a hope to go because it seems impossible. Canada beb, pe cer nak pegi tiba2. Lesson: lepas ni nak put high hopes la mcm nak g bulan ke, nak kawen anak raja ke, oh downgrade sket la nak pegi spain ke, mana tau kalau2 betol2 boleh pegi haha. If everything run smoothly, alhamdulillah, if not, also alhamdulillah. Indeed Allah is the best planner.

"Fear the day when you will be returned to God. 
Every soul will get what it earns"

oi oi final dulu jangan berangan cepat sgt. 
eh eh duit mana nak cari haa lupa la plak?



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