Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dont worry.. the worst thing that can happen is you ONLY need to repeat the final. I enjoyed having you in the class.
Prof. Ken Pence, 2009

apakah itu "you only need to repeat the final" haaaa??. Hmphf nightmare2. Engineering economics and me really didnt match well. The interest just depreciate over time(Oh ni linear depreciation or MACRS  haa jawab2.) Crossing my fingers that it's over tho I have a strong feeling ececeeceyy that it's not.  (o__O)


k.ena said...


Nanti sampiakn my regards to professor pence. if he still remember me lah :D .. miss miss..

take care dear..

Hubab Al Munzir Asmawi said...

eh eng econs best ape. sbb ken pence r kot.


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