Tuesday, November 15, 2011

UKM di hatiku. Gahhh

Three weeks. I already get the gist of my next few years. Exciting? Well, maybe, if I have an enormous lunch in between. Ada kaitan ke? Haha 

Basically it boils down to this: You’ll be happy if you have some progress, or if the supervisor is busy (keh3). If not, it will be depressing especially if the supervisor has the habit of popping out in the lab without any warning. 

Ada yang buat master setahun setengah, tapi ada jugak yang buat master sampai lima tahun. Kalau phd, hm i dont want to know haha. 

But then again, nothing come easy baby. Nothing.


Deremind said...

hoyeah. and now comes to work. It boils down to almost the same thing.

Nothing is easy. for Allah has made the world life beneficial for akhirah inshaAllah :)

*Ini memang tengah cool down hati sendiri.... haha*

Bint Lazim said...

HAHA agak laa.. ayat sedapkan hati sendiri :P

but chaiyok Nana! Kalau stress2 jom balik kl during the weekends

Deremind said...

kalau bleh belanja, bleh la balik selalu. haha.

Babaroga said...

Are you most prolly going to stay at UKM? I mean even after you got back from Lübeck? Weee bestnyee leh kacau selalu! :D

Bint Lazim said...

No insyaAllah nope! Hahah tak.. aku akan g luebeck, then lepas abes master cari tempat buat phd plak insyaAllah. Somewhere only God knows for now haha.

Tapi we shd go to the bakery dkt pusanika tu somedayyy kan i love it!


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