Monday, November 21, 2011

Running in circle

Please be kind to me :(


Deremind said...

asal sume constant error? so your math code is not properly included? hehe

I'm also crazy with C. C++ is better I think? ~_~

Anonymous said...

she's already writing in C++..see the filename, its extension is .cpp right?

btw semua error tu blh jd sbb x letak proper references, atau VS xleh jumpa assembly tu, atau VS keliru sbb nama variables tu (conflict somewhere? i dunno..)

btw, oh hi tuan blog :)

Bint Lazim said...

Found the error! Sbb ada satu bnda tak include dalam additional dependencies folder, in which the official website missed.

Hi Nana and Anonymous!

Deremind said...

yeah, that's what I mean. Since u're in C++, so should be better (at least kot?).

Well, different usage different challenges. :)


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