Friday, November 11, 2011

Missing Luebeck

It is amazing how God wont allow us to be at two different places at the same exact time. If not, we wont be able to appreciate the word "miss" even though the feeling of being left out is unpleasant either. Wehoo tamaknya manusia ni! But oh well.. I do miss Luebeck :(

and surely insyaAllah, I will come back to pick up what I left behind. Three months to go! but then again, I want everything - Malaysia and Luebeck.  Ada kanak kanak confuse perasaan di sini cuk3 helppp

Fact: You wont get everything!


Yellow said...

tanak tinggal cik abe lettew! eh letak dlm bag sudah... soh cik abe dok senyap senyap! hahaha

Bint Lazim said...

Hahaha cik abe saya besor gedabakk mana nak cri bag?? tskkk nnti balik sekali lagi afiq ariff and sasa dah besarrrr


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