Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tak boleh hilang!

Few days ago, Nad sms-ed me "Dude oya offshore ke senyap je" and then the next day, Sekeng asked me the same question through Gtalk, "Oya mana tak dengar cerita". 

Aww man!

When someone slips, we come together and mengumpat. HAHA NOT! We actually come together and pull that person back to life. Kononnya laaaaa. and for sure, they are my comfort zone. 

Relationship is built, it's not some sort of magic. It craves for effort. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make ;)

P/s: Eh eh Oya, jangan perasan that we love you THAT much. It is just creepy that you lay low for more than 3 days hahaha


fadheR said...

watip mesti xtnye pasal oya kan sbb watip busy gilaaa. sye ingt die pon offshore HAHAHA

Oya Yang dirindui said... sweet la korang!!! yeah2..oya offshore..baru balik darat esok pergi lagi.. dont miss me too much!


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