Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Women and Islam, with Hamza Yusuf

Part 1

  • "Thank God I came to know Islam before I came to know muslim". Ouchhhh!
  • :') [8:15] This is why I always love Hamza Yusuf 
  • "I really think that the women in this country need to wake up.I just feel that there are so much wasted energy on like the latest tadreez of abaya" 
  • "If you take any 100 people anywhere in the world, 99% of them are gonna be focused on material pursuit"
  • "Theres a place for entertainment, vacations etc.. but when the centrality of your life is the pursuit of materials, I have a real problem with it"

So, what do our lives revolve around?

Part 2

  • "When we asked Dr. Heba in Egypt about "A woman does not come out her house except Satan will cause her to appear to men." She said, "Toyyib. Beware men. Get over it.. etc"" Haha
  • "If you dont have some internal mechanisms that are preventing you from just becoming a "syahwani", I think dats all of the hadiths are about, to warn the men."
  •  It is not all the responsibility of women, but it is for both.
  • "The primary role of a woman is to know her Lord, just like the primary role of a man is to know his Lord"

Recheck: what is the centrality of our lives? 

ps: happy birthday Abeje!
psps: 10 days more to 2011! -__-'



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