Friday, December 10, 2010

Antara benua #2

Pencil Case.

I dont really know how is it back in Malaysia but it should be the same. and I'm quite sure that most of the "cool guys" in The States doesn't have a pencil case. Pen sebatang and a piece a paper sudah cukup untuk ke kelas, no?

but here in Germany, it amazed me a whole lot as it is kind of wajib for them to have a pencil case. And it is not just that, siap ada Stabillo macam macam color lagi. Mantap. It actually takes me few weeks stalking the Deutsche and betuul, semua orang ada pencil case lengkap ada pencil, ruler, eraser, pen semua warna tak kiralah anda lelaki hensem cool bergaya, atau nerd spec tebal hahaha.

It is really new to me seeing a cool guy, taking out yellow Stabillo pen from his poket-doremon-pencil case. Really new. in a good way of course, a redefinition of macho perhaps? Haha


ma szb said... rasa ini adalah sesuai dgn nor.....di maahad dulu pun nor banyak barang.. macam-macam


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