Friday, September 24, 2010

viel Glück!

 Please be nice to me, 
pretty please with a cherry on the top :)

Kawan-kawan secourse seem nice. I think I need to be more creative dlm usaha nak ckp banyak hahaha. heyy ada org ckp pasal weather je pon boleh smpai setengah jam kot kah3. tapi arini bila she showed us the dean office where you need to sign up for exams, fuh seramm oh. "u got three attempts for each exam, if you failed all, you're out of this university or out of master program in germany actually. it happens rarely so please study if u signed up. and 1 is the best score you can get and 5 is failed." GULPPP bila tgk papan kenyaataan tempat prof post the grades, err i hardly see any 1 but what I actually saw was few 5s and average of 3. kot. heh good luck Naziha Lazim! Allah is there 24/7 :)


c su said...

nor boleh...
InsyaAllah nor bolehhhhhh

Nadiah said...

Naziha, all the best!

taufiq said...

pergh kecek german lonih mek klate nih


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