Saturday, September 25, 2010

Arab, bbq, etc membebel la tu heh.

It was an awesome feeling bila sy ckp kat this iraqi guy that he is sooooo lucky sbb boleh cakap arab. Hahaha remember i once said that i wonder if they knew that theyre so lucky?

And he said if i got questions wif the quran then i can try to ask him yayy. Yay saje je haha sbb mestilah tak tanya kot since u got lots of other sources cam dearest sheikh google.

Muslim kat sini ramai kot sbb smlm pegi bbq and i can eat everything ayam daging and mstilah ikan gak kan haha. Well it depends la sape organize kan.

And sebab ramai la kot bila jumpa kat tgh jalan with hijabis diorg tak senyum, jauh skali bg salam mcm kat US. Haha kesian budak yang tulis ni sbb de senyum sorang2 hahahaha. Is it that hard to strech your face and smile? Hmpff

Other than that, tade ke topic len nak ckp selain "i love tequila" or we can go to bar this weekend or i can drink up to 8 shots or blablabla. Sepertinya i came across these kind of conversations a lot few days back. Another hmmpf.

Internet, yayyy it's weekend!!

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