Monday, September 06, 2010


This brother died in a month where the gates of Hell are closed. He had, literally, thousands of people praying for him in a month where du`a’ become exponentially weightier. He died in the holiest of months, a month of peace and of reflection, of forgiveness and of mercy. This was a sign from God and a comfort to his family, his friends, and those who loved him.
It’s when he died that we all realized the truth of how only Allah (swt) knows the contents of a person’s heart. This brother was a regular person like you or I, but Allah (swt) hid his sins from the community and exposed his many good deeds. May Allah (swt) hide and forgive our sins too. Ameen.

Indeed death is the best reminder (-_-)

Oh Allah, help us with our death, and with the grave and its punishment, and from slipping from the siraat, and the Day of Reckoning and its terror..



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