Monday, April 11, 2011

safe kroghhh

Is Lübeck any safer than Nashville? but what I'm sure about is I wont do the same thing I've done here (or Nashville) if I were to be in Malaysia.

Penah naik bus dgn orang super gila pelik dekat sebelah or nak feel at ease naik lrt (kan org kampung tak pandai lrt2 segala ni) lepas tu ada orang tiba2 kenalkan diri segala and it was so random or shd i say rude heloo? ahh so many other weird things happened when I was in Malaysia for about 3 months last year and I was super berhati hati back then.

Malaysia, please make me feel safe in my own country.

It is like being yourself around strangers rather than your own circle of friends. and you just hate having to act like that.

Ps: Wait, it's not just me. even my parents who came to visit Nashville said, "Nor, kalau kat Mesia jange wak ginih ni. Mesia laing deh". Hahaha yeee negara saya meme laingg.
Psps: More important is Malaysia orang-orang Islam kot majoriti penghuninya? 


plato's disciples said...

I still leave my wallet everywhere, forget to lock my cars and a bunch of others stuff that I shouldn't do in Malaysia

Bint Lazim said...

better safe than sorry dude!


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