Sunday, April 17, 2011

Living with purpose

Rindu :'(

Take home message(in which byk telepas sbb connection sekat2 and saya tak focus)

1. Sembahyang malam SANGAT penting. Tsk.
2. Maintain good relationship with others - being courteous, wanting good in others as much as you want for yourself, forgive and overlook, repels wrong with right, not to be caught up in differences.
3. When a muslim get older, he will remember the future (the akhirah). Not the past. You do more and more ibadah as you get older. Rasulullah taught Fatimah and his son in law to do zikr before go to sleep, it is very important. (This is the same advice both Shaykh Abdullah bin Bayyah and Habib Al Jifri always give - implying it is very important). May zikr be our last words before we leave this world, Allahumma ameen!
4. Study religion!
5. More zikr. more zikr. more zikr. 

aih sedih2.

Last skali, he emphasized that we will see the fruit of all of this when we die, insyaAllah.


Q&A Session

  • Seek help from patience and prayer. 
    • patience is determination involving two aspects - patience in avoiding the sin and patience in staying in obedience of Allah
    • prayer is essentially du'a - "guide me", "really ask Allah to help me", "make firm my heart", etc..
  • avoid people and places that you know will affect you 
  • put internet in places that people can see
  • have good company

And banyak sangat soalan tapi tak cukup masa, so Shaykh Hamza ckp kita akan minta Shaykh Abdullah jawab, lepas tu translate and letak di website dan, our Islamic internet revolution :)


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Bint Lazim said...

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