Thursday, August 06, 2015

Prisoner of Memories

Guilty as charged!

I'm taking a long break, when I say long, I really mean a very longggg one haha. Well, this is quite unusual for us as we love to rush things up in here hehe - darjah 3 nak langkau kelas, masuk sekolah yg ada peralihan, nak kena langkau jugak masuk kelas ekspress (this is for sekolah agama), lepas spm terus nak fly, lepas grad, terus nak sambung master/keje, nak kahwin cepat, nak anak blablabla - and honestly, I'm tired. I (politely) layan all the remarks/comments from friends and relatives regarding my break hehe so relax senyum and gelak bersama gituuu

Anyways, so maybe you can expect me more here as I'm now in a middle of finishing something that shd make me very busyyyy(konon) and when I'm busy - I BLOG! You see the logic there, you see?



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