Monday, March 25, 2013

Down you go

There were times that you are so sure about things but after a while, your certainty fades away. and I'm currently at that so called "after a while" state haha. Not sure if what I will do is something that I really want to do, should I just go with the flow or should I jump off the cliff instead. or did I just think too much? and sometimes I even get irritated with people that are so certain hahaha tak pasal pasal! Like come on, lets be human here.

I. deserve. a moment of uncertainty. 

but since even I dont know what I want (jom gelak ramai2), all I can do is keep on praying so that snow covering the streets will slowly melts away, and my heart could finally feel the warmth of my very own decision, insyaAllah. Elehhhhhh, padahal doa supaya dapat twins lettewwww pastu boleh dok rumah jaga anak HAHAHA (kata Kak Ayim)

Ahh as for now, just let me feast my eyes with this baby

Isnt she a beauty? 


Saddddd. Look how makcik I've became; never thought that a standmixer could turned me on hahahahahhahahahahahahaha


Maziati Mazlan said...

Alamak.... she so gojes you know... hahahaha btw ini bukan. Hal makcik2.. ni adelah hal serius!!


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