Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weird one - Me.

In recent seminar I joined, ada seorang sister ni tegur,

"Budak US eh? eh I mean belajar dkt US?"

and dalam hati I was like, "ALAMAK! sape ni sape nii.." and she explained that we met in RIS seminar dkt Toronto, well, not actually in the seminar itself but we bumped into each other masa jln2 sekitar bandar Toronto. You know, those Hi that you give when meeting fellow Malaysians when we're overseas.

and I was like "Ohh.." with dalam hati, OMG how would you remember, we were like a bunch of Malaysians, not alone. and she was with her group of friends. It's not like one-to-one meeting and it was at least three years ago!

Dia ckp, "Ingatlah.. You're the one with that black topi!"




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