Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I'm on this huge overdue boat. Piles of stuff that need to be done.

and yet, I do know, I'm not gonna stay up for any of those. Sekarang kencang la cakap, okay malam ni janji nak buat, but then bila balik the same routine goes. Korea, Master Chef, and kroghh tido.

Janji nak buat post kahwin tak buat buat lagi. Basi dikerumuni lalat sudahh haha.

On a different note, we went to Twins of faith and Home Sweet Home course last weekends. Awesome gilaa! I feel like I'm not doing the knowledge a justice if I do not share it with you guys. That seems like the least that I could do :\ Tapi bila nak buat Naziha bilaa?

And also, it is 2012 already. I'm planning need to do a 2011 in review post tapi haih..

That is like a lot of hutang right? Tu baru blog, bukan research, and luebeck lagi huehuehue.

Takpe jom gi Tutti Frutti duluuuuu haha


Deremind said...

banyaknya work to dooo termasuklah all the stories kannn haha.

anyway, same goes to me. azam bukan main lagi nak buat kerja, balik2 seronok gila tgk tv & online2. haihh T_T

sooo not good. I should end this!

Nadiah said...

Ehhhh bila due? Hihiiii :D

May Allah ease everything^^

Bint Lazim said...

hahaha WE should end this! lol yeah right Naziha, a lazy bump

HAHAHA Nadiah! Lawak antarabangsa :P


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