Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Saya bukanlah kenal rapat dengan Dr. Lo' Lo', sekadar tahu that she is one of MPs and I did follow her on twitter. Pernah sekali stalk Allahyarhamah because I was eager with her twitter updates and I conclude, Allahyarhamah seorang yang tegas dan persistent with her stand. Patutlah boleh jadi MP, patutlah boleh jadi orang hebat. 

and we all know that she left us yesterday. Ustaz Hasrizal dedicated a post in remembrance of her in Saifulislam. So did Dr Asri. and Shaykh Suhaib Webb pun buat status facebooknya tentang pemergian Dr. Lo' Lo', saying that she delivered both of his kids. dan belum kira para pemimpin Pas. 

From there we can roughly see what kind of person she was. She was a wife, mother, professional doctor dan juga activist! How she actually contributed to the society and more importantly, to Islam. and yet, she could say on her last hours how scared she was of not being a good servant to Allah. Ah sedihh. May Allah bless her soul and made it easy for her family. 

Indeed, death is the best reminder.

Have you ever wondered how would it be when your turn finally comes? 
as for now, I would say that no one would ever notice if I rot here in my room for weeks. Seriously!


Babaroga said...

Aku sedar la kalau blog tak update, Fb menghilang. Hari2 aku bukak bintlazim :p

Bint Lazim said...

hahahaha sedar eh? aku slalu pikir kalau jatuh tangga time nak turun katil pastu pengsan ke apa mesti tade org sedar mau pengsan sehari sebelum sedar sendiri. lol i think that i think too much hihihi


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