Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Islam Questions and Answers

Instead of preparing for my presentation, I watched this. (hadoiiiii)

and omg mana pegi prominent scholars? my beloved scholars, ABC?
invisible to you maybe?

HOI seriously ada Ayaan Hirsi Ali? HOI. total one sided series. yang lain2 tak penah jumpa so tak sesensitive ni tapi heeeyyy seriously? You gotta be kidding me. Man with earrings? Goshhhh.

Okay what do you expect from ABC, Naziha?
From part 1 onwards wahhh makin panas haha.


Nadiah said...

Emo tengok sampai minit terakhir huhuh. Ade brape part sume Jiha?

Bint Lazim said...

5 parts kalo tak silap. tapi last2 end de pasal a tragedy that brings the community back together. tapi org2 yang mewakili islam or muslim community dlm series ni cam tak bley amek kira sgt huhu.


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