Tuesday, May 04, 2010

whats behind the hidden door?

Price of Beauty with Jessica Simpson.
Somehow an eye opener for me.

ps: more cultural than Islam itself?
psps: brain sandwich yummy kah3.
pspsps: err kinda rude that lady criticizing Jessica considering their backgrounds. oh come on..
pspspsps: hm shd be more sensitive to The Creator ye kawan2. (8:44)

Tutup mata scene2 tak bagos tu okay. 

ps: again, culture vs religion.
psps: "It makes you realize theres a whole world out there" (makin banyak kita learn about others, makin less ignorant kita jadi)
pspsps: "Sexy is lots of different things.." lol
pspspsps: "...rather than putting on the make up or wearing the right designer, it really is the heart of a woman that makes her beautiful" :)

heyy this makes me wanna go to Morroco! like seriously haha



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