Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The fall and rise of the Islamic state by Noah Feldman

I will be over-proud of myself if I'm able to finish this by April 11.
dont put me into sleep please.
wish me luck people!

p/s: jom berusaha oya n azni! 


Amar said...

Come on Naziha! You can do it =). Ko kan suka baca buku.

farahfarhana said...

jom jiha...but i haven't started yet. desperately need to finish the kite runner first :P

Bint Lazim said...

Amar: i doubt it this time. kena paksa diri baca buku ilmiah sket. haha

oya: i already read part of intro before having a long 4 hours of NAP. ahhaha. btw cepat2 abeskn kite runner. best woo.


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